Private Detective Chandigarh, which is owned by Elevates Security Pvt. Ltd. And His C.E.O & Managing Director Detective Vikas Sonkar is providing Complete Intelligence Solutions in Punjab Himachal Haryana Uttrakhand,Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan Jammu and PAN India with the specialization of Pre Mat – Post Mat – Divorce Cases – CRPC 125 – Extra Marital Affair – Child Custody – Divorce Ground Case – Financial Backup, Assets Location & Verification – NRI Cell to Sort Matrimonial, Property Disputes and Other issues.
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Who we are and who owned this organization ? is portal, Which is owned by Elevates Security Pvt. Ltd. And we are into the investigation Business from more than one and half decade. We are having more than four office in Delhi, Chandigarh, Shimla ( HP) and Jalandhar (PB). And this Company is owned by Detective Vikas Sonkar, Rachna Sonkar and other Ex National Security Agency Officer.

What kind of Detective Agency we should hire and why ?

We would recommend you to hire a Local Agency Always, Who are having the office also for the below mentioned reasons.
- They would be more economical, Effective due to Local Team & their Local Contact too, Who can give deliver the best.
- Second you can meet them personally and visit their office also.
- If investigation is not in the right direction then you can sit with them and can find the best way-out.
Hire a agency, Who have a current account with the company name and always make the payment in their company account. Never give the Cash to avoid any fraud.

What is your fee Structure?

Our fee structure depend on the two major fact
- location of Investigation
- Profile of our Subject
These are the two major points, Which influence the pricing of the case. Normally we have the below mentioned fee for the same.

Surveillance 4000 Nil 8 Hours
Pre Mat 25000 Nil 10-12 Days
Post Mat 25000 15000 10-15 Days

How you investigate the particular case?

Investigation is Product, Which don’t run on set of formulas. And we can’t apply the same formula on every case. Every case needs a different treatment, due to many reasons like Subject profile, Area, language, Geographical limitation and many more. And once we get the complete details of our subject than we use to sit and decide the line of Investigation.

But these are the major tool, Which we use to apply during Investigation like.
- Technical Investigation
- Physical Shadowing
- Physical Enquires
- Social Media Analysis
- Cyber and Forensic Investigation * ( If Needed )

Hope this Investigation process will be discreet & confidential and how you maintain that?

Confidentiality is the most important part of Private Investigation in India, because our clients come up with most personal problems, Which even they can’t discuss with their relative and parents also.

Are you Company is licensed by Government of India ?

For giving the answer of this question, I want to tell one fact, Which many people don’t aware of the same.
Private Investigation is now legalized in India and If something is not legalized, So how government can provide the licensed for the same.
Most of the agency, Which claimed that they have got the licensed. They just lie for the same.
But we have a Pvt. Ltd. Company under Company Act with the name of Elevates Security Pvt. Ltd.


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