Private Detective Chandigarh, which is owned by Elevates Security Pvt. Ltd. And His C.E.O & Managing Director Detective Vikas Sonkar is providing Complete Intelligence Solutions in Punjab Himachal Haryana Uttrakhand,Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan Jammu and PAN India with the specialization of Pre Mat – Post Mat – Divorce Cases – CRPC 125 – Extra Marital Affair – Child Custody – Divorce Ground Case – Financial Backup, Assets Location & Verification – NRI Cell to Sort Matrimonial, Property Disputes and Other issues.
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pre employee

Elevates India is one of the best Post Employee Verification services provider in which there are number of work which needs experience and the expertise in this field. Post Employee Verification services mainly works after the joining of the Employee in the office and we are basically starts the investigation from the initial company where that employee has been worked and after that Elevates India starts the investigation.

Our agency collects the evidences after much enquires and these evidences mainly include address, Phone records, certificates, license etc. As Elevates India has many branches all over the India such as in Hyderabad, Private detectives in Kolkata, Mumbai, Bangalore and many more. For the Post Employee Verification services our main motto is catch the fish of the fraud and for this we can extend our investigation and these is because we have the target to give the correct results to our clients.


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